About Us

www.Cache.auction is the first and only online marketplace focused exclusively on acquiring foreclosure auction and off-market real estate for buyers via online pre-auction bidding and in-person services. Cache provides buyers Land on Demand™ through their 1-stop-shop technology platform for convenient online and on-site access to all foreclosure auction properties in their territory of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding counties.

Cache is headquartered in Downtown Fort Worth and offers training class opportunities in all counties they service.


County auction acquisition & consulting services. Investment opportunities in your control.


Acquisition & Management Software


Our simple software platform allow you to easily view upcoming auctions & available opportunities in Fort Worth & Tarrant County. We help you identify prospective auction investments that fit both your budget and your style. Upon acquiring you new investment, use our simple property management  software to manage your real estate portfolio.

Acquisition Assistance & Guidance


Our Fort Worth & Tarrant County Auction experience allows us to aid you in the, sometimes confusing, process of acquiring real estate through tax foreclosure auctions. We want to help you identify what is available and both assist and guide you in adding to your investments. 

Research Consultation


Research is our strong suit. We have time & time again been told, "You've done your research", and we pride ourselves on it. If you are interested in having a research consultant dive into a confusing opportunity of interest, contact us. With our software you can easily request the research you need and we can easily track, and respond with our findings all in one convenient place.